Don Kirshner: Dead At 76

Today we have lost another great in music history. There are only so many men that have made as many great accomplishments in the music industry as this man. He had his own show and signed some of the most amazing musicians of the 20th century. Don Kirshner died at age 76.

Don Kirshner is often known as the “Man With The Golden Ear”. He was an American song publisher and rock producer. Heart failure is what took this icon out. Don Kirshner died in Boca Raton,Florida.

If I had to pick any place to die it would be somewhere warm so maybe that was what our old friend was thinking as well. These days 76 is hardly old but sometimes the fast life can catch up to you. Whatever the reason for the heart failure may have been we thank him for bringing us some great music. We will miss you Don Kirshner.

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