Camden NJ: Corruption

There have been decades of corruption in this area. This is not just a recent problem. Now they are going to be laying off many city workers. This is not going to be a good thing for Camden NJ.

Why won’t it be a good thing for Camden NJ? Simply because most of the city workers that are going to be laid off are policemen and firefighters. Many people are worried the gangs and other crime figures are going to take over now. Will the residents of Camden NJ be able to fend off the crime that will shortly be running rampant.

Why in the world would they possibly want to lay off more police and firefighters? Oh yes, there is the money issue. What if people decide to move away from this corrupt place? Camden NJ leaders are really not thinking wisely right now.


  1. mrbucket says:

    I wanted to comment on the cuts and layoffs for the Camden area….
    The problem stems from two areas: Poverty Rate and Unions. 50% of the dwindling residents live on or below the poverty level. Which means lower taxes paid and lower local spending. Unions are asking for a certain amount of money/furlough/vacation days. As you mentioned about corruption, a clean wipeout of all involved with everyday duties is required. Senior residents need to gather the youth to discuss and organize a plan for the future. Self-policing and a zero-tolerance plan must be put into place. Driving all that is destroying the communities from the area.

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