Gardena High School: Shooting

Who would have thought that a gun that was “brought for protection” would have accidentally gone off and shot someone else? Well anyone that had any sense would have known this but not a school kid. After the gun discharge the suspect ran away. Gardena high school was shook to the core today.

gardena high schoolThere were many students at Gardena high school that said that the boy that brought the gun to school was very cool. They said that he had never been mean and that he had always been nice to them. We never really know what is going to happen in a given day. The people at Gardena high school have a lot of recovery to go through.

Two students were hurt at 10:40 am when the gun discharged. There was a girl that was hot in the head and she is having a hard time fighting for her life. One other victim which was a boy was wounded in the neck. Our prayers continue to go out for the students, parents and works at Gardena high school.

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