Misinformation On Zodiac Signs

Were you one of the people that were going crazy because of the latest findings about the heavens? There were thousands upon thousands of people that were scurrying around trying to figure out how this had happened. Well the way that the alignment got messed up was because of the wobbly Earth. There was however misinformation on Zodiac signs.

What was the misinformation on Zodiac signs? Well it was that the Western world’s Zodiac had changed and that the horoscope was now inaccurate. They even told people their new dates for their horoscope. This was misinformation on zodiac signs.

There were many different people that were worried about their tattoos and different things. What is really good is the fact that the Western world’s Zodiac does not go off the stars, it actually goes off the season. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your sign. I am sorry if you were upset with the misinformation on Zodiac signs.


  1. Fergus says:

    Right, ‘astro’ is actually Latin for ‘season’, and Leo is so-named because lions particularly like to romp about in the late summer. This whole ‘constellation’ thing is just something they made up later as a sort of just-so story, to help explain the existing Zodiac signs – or ‘star signs’ as they are so misleadingly named. Pisces doesn’t even look that much like a fish!

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