Deepest Diving Sea Turtle

There are many different wonders down in the sea. You never know what you might find down there. Scientists decided to put trackers on some very interesting creatures however. Who was the deepest diving sea turtle?

deepest diving sea turtleDarwinia was the deepest diving sea turtle out of the group of 25 turtles that were being tracked. Some of these turtles my swim 10,000 miles each and every year. This is quite a long distance for us but these turtles are pretty awesome. I hope this picture of the deepest diving sea turtle makes you understand how amazing these creatures are.

There are many different things that people are trying to learn from these turtles. The studies are being placed where many people can learn from their patterns. What do you think about the subject? Don’t you think Darwinia the deepest diving sea turtle is lovely?

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