Zodiac Signs: What Is Going On?

People are still reading old information on the changes to the horoscope. They are frustrated and worried about what is going to happen. Calm down, the horoscope is still “accurate”. Have the Zodiac signs changed?

The Zodiac signs in the Western world were thought to have changed. It was the biggest buzz on the net and it had people frantically running to the remove their faulty tattoos. You see the star gazers had looked into the heavens and figured out that the Earth had wobbled off where it had been, oh let’s say about 2,000 years ago when these signs were put into play. They didn’t remember the other piece of information on the Zodiac signs however.

What didn’t they remember? Just the fact that the western signs go off the seasons and not the stars. Yes, the eastern signs go by the stars but this is not going to effect the horoscope for the westerners. Now you can simmer down about the Zodiac signs.

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