Kat Von D: Happily Engaged?

Jesse James has a new lady and boy is she a beauty. He seems to be able to attract some gorgeous gals. If you can remember he was married to the lovely and talented Sandra Bullock. His new lover now is Kat Von D.

Kat Von D was super excited to tweet about the new engagement. James tweeted back sweet nothings to her in Spanish and it goes back and forth. They really do seem to be at the height of their affection for each other. Kat Von D and Jesse are enjoying the PDA on Twitter.

This engagement comes only 1 year after the divorce of Jesse and Sandra. I wonder what she thinks about this whole thing. I’m going to guess that she really doesn’t care that much. Kat Von D seems to fit Jesse better than Sandra did, she was a little too classy for him.

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