Luigi Manocchio: Busted!

Ok, you nasty little mobster. You have been busted and hopefully will be behind bars for the rest of your life. This guy has a record longer than my to do list. The guy that I am talking about is Luigi Manocchio.

luigi manocchioLuigi Manocchio was born in 1929. He has been an Italian-American mobster that lived in Providence, Rhode Island but soon he’s going to have another home. He was used to being the head guy of the New England-based Patriarca crime family. Luigi Manocchio I hope those strip club tips were worth the time in prison.

There was a nationwide sting Wednesday that netted 100 mobsters in the Northeast. They were charged with anything from narcotics to murder. He has the lovely nickname of Baby Shanks. Luigi Manocchio or “Baby Shanks” was ratted out by some pretty high ups that were on trial in New York.

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