Carlina White: Reunion

This is a very scary story that really makes you think about the people around you. Is there someone that has a dirty little secret like Ann Pettway? Way back in 1987 a woman posed as a nurse and took a sweet little baby girl. This little girl was Carlina White.

Carlina White finally got suspicious about her fake mother Ann Pettway and contacted the police. She was shortly reunited with her real parents but what about all of those years? The police are not even sure if they are going to prosecute or not since it’s such an old case. I am curious how Carlina White feels about the whole situation.

It must be a shock to know that your whole family is not your family at all. A real shock to know that the person who you called mother is really a criminal. Whatever happens the people who did no wrong in this situation and were around this girl for so long still love her. I am uncertain as to where Carlina White plans on living now.

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