General Petraeus collapses during Senate hearing

General David Petraeus, age 57, collapsed during a Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting held on June 15. Petraeus had just finished telling John McCain his thoughts on the 2011 plan to downsize troops in Afghanistan. McCain was responding when Petraeus placed his head on the table. Shortly after, he rose unassisted and was escorted from the room.

General David Petraeus

Petraeus returned shortly and explained he had experienced a moment of light headedness. The hearing was postponed until Wednesday out of respect and concern for Petraeus’ health. The four star general is most known for his tenure in Iraq under President George W. Bush, when the general was sent to Baghdad in 2007. There are many who believe General Petraeus is likely to become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

While President Obama is adamant regarding the time schedule to withdraw from Afghanistan, the military remains skeptical based on current conditions including the questionable loyalties of the Afghan president. The White House has realized the impossibility of predicting events between now and 2011, and a more accurate analysis can be made in December 2010. The review at that time will determine whether the July 2011 withdrawal start can take place as scheduled.

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