New Zodiac Sign: Panic

Did you believe all of the new research that came out? There were many people that stood firm on their beliefs that there was not going to any change no matter what those star gazers saw. Still there were others that went into sheer panic. There was supposedly a new zodiac sign that is called Ophiuchus.

This new Zodiac sign caused quite a bit of heartache for those that had just got their sign tattooed. The tattoo removal specialists were really excited about the whole ordeal. Well guess what, the information was faulty. There was no new Zodiac sign.

Yes, Ophiuchus is a sign but it has been around forever and is only used in the Eastern world. Here in the Western world we go off of a different set of signs. The Eastern Zodiac is run by the stars while the Western Zodiac is run by the seasons. So you do not have to worry about the new Zodiac sign.


  1. missjtb says:

    THis is a joke no zodiac signs has changed I will always be a gemini

  2. Kevin says:

    You are an idiot. This is all based on science. It is not a joke. What is a joke? Astrology.

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