Amy Beck: Husband Facing A Lawsuit

You can’t help but ask what this woman was thinking. People who knew Amy said that she was a stand up citizen and someone that could really be relied upon. The whole school was shocked when the news of her lewd act with a 14 year old came out. Amy Beck and her career as an English and Social Studies teacher were over forever and the young boys family was left reeling.

amy beck33 year old Amy Beck was accused of having oral sex and intercourse with this 14 year old student. One Monday she walked into the police station in California wither her lawyer and confessed that she had indeed had oral sex and intercourse with one of her 14 year old male students. Not only had this happened one time but it had been going on for several months and had ended Dec 2009. Parents and coworkers alike were shocked that this 6th grade teacher from Burbank, California could be guilty of such a thing.

Not only was she was a respected member of the community but she is also married to a LAPD police officer named National Beck. There was a lawsuit filed against National Beck by the boy and his parents claiming that he threatened to kill the teenage boy and his parents. How could this popular and well-liked school teacher go from a dear member of the community to a sex offender and her husband be accused of sending our murderous threats? We may never know what went through the head of the former David Starr Jordan Middle School teacher Amy Beck.

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