Larry Page: Takes Over As Google Chief

This recent news of a change in Google chief has seemed to be one that is taken pretty well by most people. The current leadership under Eric Schmidt however does not seem to be working well. The people who are at Google seem to be ready for the change. Larry Page sounds quite confident and believes that he is the man for the job.

larry pageIf you keep up with your search engine history then you are going to know that Larry Page was one of the two founders. Yes, he was one of the masterminds that gave us our beloved Google but it’s been since 2001 that he has had full control of this operation. Way back in 2001 this was just a fledging company that looked like it may have some sort of success. Now Larry Page is going to have a huge beast that he must keep in line.

There have been several big hits that have happened to Google when it comes to competition over the last few years. Those are some of our other favorite spots on the web – Facebook and Twitter. There are many people now using the Twitter search option to find the things that they are interested in. Larry Page may be just what the company needs to keep its head above the water however.

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