Qwiki: The End Of Google?

The way that we receive information is changing each and every day. There has been another big name added to the pot when it comes to places you will be able to search. The $8 million venture dollars this site got from Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook) and Jawed Karim (co-founder, YouTube) has been thinking this may be big. The new site I am talking about is Qwiki.

qwikiDo you think that Qwiki is going to crush Google like Facebook crushed Myspace? That is doubtful but it may take a good chunk of their revenue. This site is really pretty good and if you are into mini slide shows with voice overs then this would be your site. Qwiki is supposed to save you from the overload of information.

Many people disdain the thought of going through the search engine results and trying to find what they are looking for. To this I simply say, aren’t we getting a little lazy? Remember the days we had to go through the big Yellow book to find what we need? Qwiki may be a good addition but I do not believe it’s going to be the end of Google.

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