Al Gore affair fact or fiction

Everybody wondered about a 40 year marriage ending without much being said as to why. Now there is rumor of an alleged Al Gore affair, as if we didn’t expect it (the rumor, not the affair). Star magazine reported, without confirmation or official comment, that Gore is or was having an affair with Laurie David, Larry David’s ex-wife (Laurie and Larry split in 2007). Laurie was a producer in Gore’s 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth,” an Oscar-winning documentary.

Al and Tipper Gore

Today, June 15, Laurie confided to the Huffington Post that the rumor of an Al Gore affair with her was an outright fabrication. She said she considered both Tipper and Al family and admired both of them immensely. She also stated that she has been in a serious relationship with someone since her divorce was final (and it’s NOT Al Gore). According to a source close to the Gores, even though Tipper and Al have announced a planned split, they are spending time vacationing this summer with their family.

Now a circulating Globe report (maybe or maybe not) has a different rumor (fact or fiction) about an Al Gore affair with a gay man; wow, that’s heavy. There is one last rumor that most readers just don’t find as juicy. It is the one about Al spending so much time away from home talking about global warming while Tipper was home alone and depressed about his absence, so they grew apart. Can’t wait to see what spins out of the global warming issue and the possibility of a “hot” new rumor.

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