New Zodiac Signs for 2011?

False information about the changing of the Western Zodiac is still floating around the internet. Almost all of the top searches still claim that there are new dates for the horoscope that is used in America. You most likely have heard the information as well and can’t believe it. Well you can calm down because news of new Zodiac signs for 2011 is not true for those in the Western world.

The information for new Zodiac signs for 2011 was correct but only for those in the Eastern world. The Eastern world uses a different Zodiac than us. Their’s go off the stars while ours go off the seasons. No more worrying about new Zodiac signs for 2011.

If you were thinking about getting a tattoo removed you no longer have to worry about this. I wonder what is going on with the people in the Eastern world though? I’m not sure they are as dependent on the horoscope as those in the Western world. What are you thoughts on the New Zodiac signs for 2011?

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