East West Shrine Game

This game has been an annual game that many people have looked forward to since 1925. It brings the best college teams from the West and the best college teams from the East come together in an annual post season game. If you are looking to get scouted this is a great game to play in. The East West Shrine Game 2011 is going to be played at 3:30 Eastern time on the NFL network.

The East West Shrine Game will be a good fix for you since you only will be able to watch football tomorrow. The NFL conference championship games are tomorrow but today this game is just going to have to tide you over. There are some pretty impressive names to be watching out for today. Who are you looking at in the East West Shrine Game?

We all have our favorites that we have been watching throughout the college season and now we get the chance to see some of them playing again. One of the names that you should be looking out for is Pat Devlin. This quarterback is really stepping up the competition and he’ll really get an opportunity to answer questions that have been surrounding his game. The East West Shrine Game is the last chance some players are going to get to show off their stuff.

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