Ricky Williams: Ready To Leave The Dolphins

Have you ever been at a job where you feel like they are stifling your success? There are many of us that have felt this way. When it comes to football teams this can be even stronger. Ricky Williams told a local radio station Monday that he believes it’s time for him to leave Miami.

Ricky Williams is known for his wanderlust. He calls the Dolphins a part of a phase that he has went through and said that it may just be time to move on. While he was sharing his feeling he decided to take some whacks at head coach Tony Sparano. It looks like Ricky Williams is really burning his bridges.

The contract with Miami is up so it’s really not a big deal but he is 34 which is a little old for a runningback. I am afraid to say that I believe this guy is going to have to relive the glory days because they are about gone. One of the most memorable times for him was when he won the 1998 Heisman trophy for most outstanding player in college football. We say good luck to you Ricky Williams.

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