Ohio Unemployment: Drops

There is rarely any good news when it comes to employment since the recession. We see long lines at the offices trying to get paid and hear saddening stories from families that were rocked by this economic mess. When a glimmer of hope comes it’s very nice. Ohio unemployment has actually dropped from 9.8 percent to 9.6 percent.

The drop in the Ohio unemployment may not seem like a lot but if you were one of the people that were effected positively by this then you think it’s a big deal. Ohio’s manufacturing sector actually lead in hiring during December. Overall, unemployment fell to 567,000 from 580,000. I hate to be a downer about the good news about Ohio unemployment but I think there could be another reason that it has dropped.

I believe the reason the numbers could have dropped partially is because people just stopped looking for work. Some of the people no longer qualified for unemployment anymore so that would make the numbers go down. There were more jobs created however so do not get gloom and down on me. I see good things for Ohio unemployment.

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