Todd Collins: 40s The Charm?

With all of our advanced training, nutrition and other ways of keeping young it seems that football players are staying in the game longer and longer. It’s not many people that get 3 chances to go after a super bowl ring. He has been in the NFL since the Bills drafted him in 1995. Tod Collins will be 40 this calender year an that means he’s been playing for the NFL for 16 years!

Has Todd Collins been one of your favorite players? I understand how annoying it can be when they go up for a super bowl win and their dreams are shot down. Maybe this year will be his year. Send some up some special prayers for Todd Collins.

The veteran appeared in two games this season one included a start and completed 10 of 27 throws for 68 yards, with five interceptions, for a quarterback rating of 5.9. After a little research we have came to believe that this 40 year old NFL player is only one of four people still playing that were a product of the 1995 NFL draft. Aaron Rodgers threw a bad interception near the Bear’s end zone and that had Collins in the game. Tod Collins looks nervous, will he be able to recover?

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