New Zodiac Signs 2011: The Truth Revealed

A short time ago astrologist and other star gazers in the Western world came out with the conclusion that the horoscope was offer because there was a new sign called Ophiuchus. Whenever this came out it had many people wonder if they were still under their sign or if it had changed. For a few days everyone said that yes it was changed but now we know the truth. There were and are no New Zodiac signs 2011.

New Zodiac signs 2011 was not a hoax or a farce. This was all one big misunderstanding because these people must not have known about the Sidereal and Tropical astrology. Sidereal astrology is used in the Eastern world while Tropical astrology is used in the Western world. What does this have to do with new Zodiac signs 2011?

Simply put there are no new signs because our Tropical zodiac goes off the seasons not off the stars positions. While of course the stars are important to the horoscope there is nothing that is going to change the signs. You can rest assured that if you are a cancer you can stay a caner and the same goes for all of the other signs as well. Now you can go tell your friends the truth about new zodiac signs 2011.

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