Hyperbaric Chamber: Life Saver Or Killer Machine?

These machines first came into recognition when Michael Jackson was photographed in one. This gave them a wide reputation as a scammy youth chamber. Well maybe it wasn’t the best thing to stay young but are there benefits or is this a killer machine? The Hyperbaric chamber has been under scrutiny for a while now.

A Hyperbaric chamber is simply an oxygen treatment device. These do allow wounds to heal much faster. I remember when my brother was in a horrible car accident and had the flesh almost all ripped from his feet they used this machine on him. The Hyperbaric chamber did allow his feet to heal much faster.

The above was the bright side but how about the grandmother and grandson from Italy that were killed when a spark made the room explode? Vincenza Pesce and 4-year-old Francesco Martinisi were inside the chamber when it exploded. The hospital said they are going to have to be more strict on their screening policy. Did you know that people who have smoked ever in their life are not allowed to be treated in a Hyperbaric chamber?

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