Martina McBride: Electrifies The AFC Championship Game

Could you ever imagine singing the National Anthem in front of thousands of screaming football fans? That would most likely be a lot of pressure for a normal every day person but not for McBride. She gave a spine-tingling version of the Nation Anthem an fans loved it. Martina McBride also had experience singing the National Anthem in Pittsburgh two years ago.

Martina McBride is not just a pretty face. She is a great singer and business lady. It seems that she is always busy doing something fun. Martina McBride just helped Kid Rock celebrate his 40th birthday as well.

Did you know this young lady is actually 44. Wow what a knock out, I sure wouldn’t mind finding out what she does to keep her youthful appearance. In her 19 year career she has accomplished many things including being named 2007′s Top Grossing Country Artist of the year, and the over all Top Grossing Female in 2007 behind only Gwen Stefani. We wish you the best Martina McBride!

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