Oprah S Sister: Secret Pregnancy Of Vernita Lee

If you have ever wondered why Oprah never seemed interested in having kids things may be a little clearer now. Her childhood and younger days were filled with lies and deception. First Oprah’s own teen pregnancy comes out but now there is more. Oprah s sister is out in the open.

Oprah s sister ‘s name is Patricia. Vernita Lee was pregnant with her when Oprah was age 9. Oprah never had any idea that she even had a sister. Oprah s sister, her mother and her were reunited today on the show.

It seems that Oprah is ready to forgive for the deception but who could help but be a little hurt. This all really seem like a bad dream. Hopefully this will turn out for the good of all involved. We are interested in finding out more about Oprah s sister.

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