2011 New Zodiac Signs: True Or False?

Are you worried about the inaccuracy of your horoscope? I am sure that you have heard something about the new findings on the zodiac. If you have heard that your sign may have changed then this is wrong. What is the truth about the 2011 new zodiac signs?

2011 new zodiac signs is bogus. Astrologers looked into the skies and noticed that the earth had shifted and this had made the signs changed. At least this is what they thought but they didn’t remember that in the western world we use the tropical zodiac and not the sidereal zodiac. 2011 new zodiac signs were not possible because the tropical zodiac that we use goes off seasons not off the positioning of the stars.

People were in an uproar when they heard this and many services were telling people about the new sign Ophichus. Tattoo removal specialists were looking to make a big buck since all of the people who had gotten their sign tattooed incorrectly were thinking about change. Thankfully the truth came out just a few days later so no one got to go through with their removals before they heard the truth. Now you know the real deal about the 2011 new zodiac signs.

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