Rahm Emanuel: Question Of Residency

It looks like it’s a no go for the mayoral run for Emanuel. Monday the court decided that he did not meet the residency requirement. He said that he is going to appeal the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court however. Rahm Emanuel is determined to be able to run for Chicago mayor.

Rahm Emanuel says that when the president asks you to go you just go as his excuse for not residing in Chicago in the year before the election. There are exceptions to the law of residency but the court has decided that Emanuel does not fall under any of these. The ballets are going to be printed soon. Rahm Emanuel wants to make sure that his name is on the ballet.

Some of the exemptions that they would have excepted were soldiers called away to overseas duty or anyone who temporarily leaves on business for the United States. I suppose this is what Rahm Emanuel believes this is what he did but that is not entirely true. He could have chosen to say no to the president and stayed in Chicago but this was not his choice. Do you think Rahm Emanuel should be on the ballet?

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