Steve Harvey Ex Wife

It’s so sad to see relationships break up and it’s even worse when the other parties begin to tear each other apart. The finger points and blame can get all but sickening and can leave outsiders confused and wondering wh to believe. This is true about the youtube videos that came out as well. Steve Harvey ex wife put 3 youtube videos online with some pretty serious content.

Steve Harvey ex wife told about how horrible the couple’s first years together had been. Sometimes they would only survive on a small jar of coins or stealing gas to get to the next gig. This was hard on their relationship and soon Mary found out that Steve had a Mistress. Steve Harvey ex wife Mary said Marjorie his now wife was his mistress back then.

Mary is being sued by Steve because he did not get a TV show. She said that she is not sorry for anything and that Steve left her with nothing. She says that he turned their son against her and more. Steve Harvey ex wife is on the war path.

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