World Star Hip Hop: What Happened To WorldStarHipHop?

50 cent claims that he took down some people’s favorite urban hip hop site. Was it really 50 as according to his ranting and raving tweets? Well apparently it’s not because he called in to Angie Martinez shortly after to say that it really wasn’t him. World star hip hop was not shut down by 50 cent is the latest verdict.

So what did happen to world star hip hop? Was it a victim of one of the ICE take downs? Q who is the owner of the site called in to Angie Martinez shortly after 50 called in and said that 50 did not have anything to do with it and it was just some server issues. World star hip hop seems to be doing fine right now so apparently the issue was fixed.

50 cent says there is bad blood between him and the site because they used his likeness without asking. Q doesn’t seem to be too upset about any of this however. Funny that 50 would try to make this look like an online throw down and then fess up to having nothing to do with it. Whatever the cause World star hip hop is back up and ready to go.

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