New 2011 Zodiac Signs

The the past couple of weeks this site has had thousands of views from people trying to figure out what was going on with their sign. Apparently they had gotten some faulty information which told them the Western world’s zodiac had changed and there was now a new sign. Yes, notice I did say that the information was faulty. So what is the truth about the New 2011 zodiac signs?

New 2011 zodiac signs is somewhat true for the Eastern World. Their zodiac which is the sidereal zodiac really does follow after the stars. The stars and the Earth being out of place is what caused this whole big mess in the first place you know. The new 2011 zodiac signs do not apply to the Western world because we use the Tropical Zodiac which goes off the seasons.

I hope this news reaches the people who were getting ready to go run out and get their tattoos removed because of it being a wrong sign. There still may be some big money to be made from the tattoo removal people if they do not tell their customers the truth. At least now you know that you do not have to think about the 13th sign Ophiuchus. Pass the new 2011 zodiac signs information along to your friends.

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