Ted Williams: Golden Voice Leaves Rehab

Just a month ago I truly thought that this man would have a bright future. You can see his kind heart through his eyes but sometimes when you are fighting your demons they win. After having a fight with his daughter things began to go down hill. Ted Williams also went on to get help from Dr Phil.

Dr Phil tried to help Ted Williams and recommended him to a rehab center. This morning he checked himself out and this was against the advice of the doctor. The people at the rehab center said that he was on the way to the airport but not sure which direction he was headed. Ted Williams may be headed to see his girlfriend who is in a rehab center in California.

When we saw his scraggly face on the video coming up to the car we most likely thought he was just another bum. The sign that he held however bragged that he had a golden voice and when he spoke wow did he ever. He had some background in radio but alcohol and drugs had pulled him down down down. Ted Williams we thought you had it this time man, so much for a second chance.

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