State Of The Union Time

Thousands of people are going to be watching the president give his speech. It should be interesting to see what good things he can find to talk about. At 9 p.m. he is going to be kicking off his speech. The state of the union time should allow the people on pacific time enough time to get off work.

Besides for the state of the union time there are some people that are wondering how long the speech is going to go. If it goes off of how he spoke last year then it’s going to be able 1 hour. He only went over the hour by 9 minutes last year. 1 hour is long enough for the state of the union time if you ask me.

President Obama is going to say how our country is still the most prosperous. I suppose this may be true in some ways but the huge jump in unemployment has me less than hopeful that it will stay this way. There is going to be a lot of grinning and holding the tongue going on tonight. Now you know the state of the union time.

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