Jimmy Buffett: 64 Year Old Hospitalized

No one likes to see their favorite star take a face-plant but that is what happened just Tuesday night. Hordern Pavilion was sold out with people listening to the 64 year old “margaritaville” singer. Everything seemed to be going fine and then all of a sudden he fell of the stage. Some fans said that they believed Jimmy Buffett may have hit his head on something metal during the fall.

What made Jimmy Buffett fall? Most people think that the crazy lights made him misjudge the space left between him and the edge of the stage. The lights mixed with exhaustion from travel and performance could have easily been what took down this music great. The Jimmy Buffett fans were soon ushered out of Hordern Pavilion but many were reluctant to go.

Some fans reported that he was laying on the floor unconscious for at least 10 minutes before medical help arrived. We are happy to report that he is now undergoing care for his head injury at St. Vincent’s Hospital and is in stable condition. I am sure that he will still appreciate any prayers and thoughts that are sent out to him. Get well soon Jimmy Buffett!

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