NASA Announcement

There are so many new discoveries being made these past few years. Now it appears that there has been a new discovery using Hubble. This is the most distant galaxy discovered yet. This is the big NASA announcement.

Hubble was only launched twenty years ago at the time of this NASA announcement. Who could have imagined that this piece of equipment would have found information that would rewrite the textbooks in such a short period of time? It seems like everything is speeding up and more and more things are going to the light. I don’t think the NASA announcement is going to be the biggest news that we get this year.

Believers in the “big bang” say that it takes 13.2 billion years for the object’s light to actually reach Hubble. If this calculation is true then this is 150 million years further away than the distance of the last object that was said to be the most distant. There are many possibilities when it comes to this universe, will we be going to live on another planet soon? This NASA announcement was all about what is believed to be a compact galaxy of blue stars.


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