San Luis Obispo: Oprah Spotlight

National Geographic has named this town one of the happiest places in the world just a few months ago. Since Oprah was having a “happy” show with everything from how much money you need to be happy, the happiest jobs etc she decided to put this pretty near perfect little town in her show. I was very interested to see how her spotlight on this little town would effect things and boy did it ever. San Luis Obispo or SLO town has been on the google hot trends search already today.

San Luis Obispo is a great place for just about any kind of get away. Oprah sent Jenny McCarthy down to check things out for the show and she brought back a glowing report. She even went so far as to say that every town should be like this one. This is quite a comment for San Luis Obispo.

When you get to this piece of paradise there is no room for boredom. As long as you have breath and energy there is something else that you can get into. Maybe for people that aren’t looking for too much action there is art, food and whine. For the more active people they may want to check out bike riding, sail boating and other fun things like that. All of this is offered in the lovely San Luis Obispo which is in California.

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