Paula Garces: Heating Things Up

Paula Garces: Heating Things Up

There is a pretty much limitless supply of beautiful women when you turn the television online. It’s really funny though because the guys all have their top favorite or maybe even top 3. Very rarely does everyone agree but sometimes they may have some in common. Paula Garces has been on a few of those top lists for quite some years now.

Paul Garces was first made famous as John Cho’s love interest in the elevator. You may have seen her in Clockstoppers as well. Besides for these movies she is a regular on The Shield. That’s not all that Paul Garces has been into however.

Warehouse 13 has this pretty lady playing up against Tia Carrere for the love interest of Eddie McClintock. With these three in a love triangle it keeps everyone guessing. When these two ladies were interviewed about their roles they were very coy and would not let up any information. I am putting my money on Paula Garces though.

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