Lindsay Ann Hawker

There are many people that have not heard this name for a long time. Some people however think about her each and every day because they miss her dearly. When it’s not someone in our direct lives sometimes it’s very easy to forget but for just a minute today let’s remember. Who was Lindsay Ann Hawker?

Lindsay Ann Hawker was a beautiful young English teacher from Briton. She had a bright future ahead of her and was loved by friends and family. They remember how she used to laugh and loved sushi. Lindsay Ann Hawker was a lovely additional to society.

Now her killer Tatsuya Ichihashi who was caught back in 2009 has came out with a book. Yes, that is right, he has came out with a book about his hardships. There are some sick and twisted people that actually may enjoy reading about how he took knives to his face to change the way that he looked to avoid faces but not me. I am sure that the family of Lindsay Ann Hawker would rather hear answers about their loved one instead of his horrific stories when he was on the run.

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