Moment 4 Life Video

What is better than two of Lil Wayne’s finds getting together for a video? Pretty much nothing so this has been a video that many of the fans have been wanting to see. Nicki Minaj was heard bragging in an interview about how she can get Drake to do what she tells him to do so I guess we’ll see how Drake feels about that in a few days. The moment 4 life video is sure to be one of the hottest on the charts soon.

How long do you think it’s going to take the moment 4 life video to get to number 1? Nicki Minaj and Drake together on the video is golden. Nicki says she loves the energy between them and even says they’ve had a twitter romance. This surely shows in the Moment 4 life video.

Not too long ago Drake and Nicki Minaj or Aubrey Drake Graham and Onika Tanya Maraj were not highly noticed artists. Lil Wayne found and signed Drake in July 2009 and found and signed Nicki in August 2009. In this short time the two have formed a good friendship. In an interview about the Moment 4 life video Nicki said that her and Drake were competitive but friendly.

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