Jay Carney: New Face Of The Presidency

The announcement today was made that there is going to be a new face for the White House today. Who is the lucky guy that has the chance to smooth talk all of the problems, economic horrors and belly flops of politics coming from the administration. None other than a Time magazine journalist. You are probably familiar with Jay Carney.

Jay Carney is serving as communications director for the vice president right now. I wonder how Joe Biden feels about having his workers picked out from under him. I guess that’s a part of being the second in command. Jay Carney is a Washington journalist with plenty of experience so I’m sure that he will know just how to defend the administration.

This guy has got some fancy pants education behind him graduating from Yale and all. Back in 1989 Carney worked for the Miami Herald and actually stayed there for 20 years. Anyone that can stay with a job for 20 years now days is ok in my book. Jay Carney you’ve got my stamp of approval, even if you didn’t want it.

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