Charlie Callas: Dies In Las Vegas

This man was known to the “older crowd” as a well loved comedian. He was a versatile comedian with a rubber face and was sure to make anyone laugh. This beloved man died Thursday at the age of 83 in Las Vegas. Charlie Callas was said to have died of natural causes in a hospice.

Charlie Callas has a son named Mark and we offer our condolences to Mark. Mark says that anyone who met his Dad left him with a smile because of his great personality. Mark got his parents to move from NY to Las Vegas back in 2002. Back in July Charlie Callas lost the love of his life Evelyn.

Another of their sons Larry said that when his Mother died his Father almost died of heartbreak. Even though he had a great life he was ready to go and be with his sweetheart. After touring with greats like Sinatra and Jones and being a guest on plenty of variety TVs shows it was time to go home. Thanks for the laughs Charlie Callas!

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