Geri Jewell: Struggling

There seems to be a lot going on with this former “The Facts Of Life” actress. She isn’t shy about sharing either. She just puts it all out there. One of the biggest things to come out of this total reveal is that Geri Jewell is gay.

Geri Jewell is releasing a new book with all of the ugly things that has happened in her life. The name of the book is called “I’m Walking As Straight As I Can”. This title is not referring directly to her being a lesbian however. Geri Jewell also has cerebral palsy.

There are plenty of other things to read about in her book. It’s a compilation of the wrongs done to her such as the money problems and backstabbing agents that were of no help. If you really want to read a book of doom and gloom this is the book for you. I hope things get better for you Geri Jewell.

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