Larry Wilcox: Gets Probation

After admitting to trying to defraud people of money by manipulating penny stocks Chips star was sentenced to 3 years of probation. The judge could have really slapped it to the star and gave him 5 years in prison but instead they decided to be lenient. 63 year old Wilcox must also serve 500 hours of community service. Besides for that Larry Wilcox will also have to pay a fine – 100 bucks.

The judge said that he thought Larry Wilcox was really sorry for what he did and that he did not want to punish him just because he was a celebrity. William Richey who was his attorney said that he thought the sentence was appropriate because of his client’s lifetime of service. Wilcox now lives in the West Hills of California. Hopefully Larry Wilcox has learned his lesson about defrauding others to get ahead.

Many people think that he got off too light for what he did but I’m sure he’s happy about it. If they hadn’t of been selling the stocks to government officers who were part of a sting operation they probably would have never been busted. You can never trust people that you don’t know and sometimes you can’t trust people that you do know. Just ask Larry Wilcox.

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