Omar Suleiman: New Egyptian Vice-President

The president of Egypt has not had a vice-president since he took office in 1981. I wonder why he decided that he needed to have one now? Whatever the reason Hosni Mubarak now has a vice-president. This vice-president is his intelligence chief and friend Omar Suleiman.

Omar Suleiman seems like the right guy for the job. He has been the director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Services or the EGIS since 1993 after all. He’s had a lot to do with dealing with Israel and the United States. I wonder what job changes Omar Suleiman is going to have to undertake.

As Egypt intelligence chief he has had charge of the most important political security files. He also was the mastermind behind the fragmentation of Islamist groups. These groups led the uprising against the state in the 1990s. I am interested to see what Omar Suleiman is doing to do as vice-president.

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