Senior Bowl: Mobile Alabama

This bowl is supposed to showcase the talent of the entire nation’s best senior NFL Draft prospects. This is a big opportunity for scouts to see what is out there and players to show off what they have. At halftimes it seems that the North is waiting for the showcase part. You never know what is going to happen with the Senior Bowl though.

In the Senior Bowl the red team is up 17 to 0. There hasn’t been any nail biting just a lot of butt kicking. The south has 213 total years and the North has 18 total yards. It sounds like it’s a little off balance at the Senior Bowl.

There isn’t too much more time for the other team to come back but you never know there could be some glorious come back. There are some interesting things that have went on such as Christian Ponder passing 94 yards. He also got a touchdown as well. I guess we will have to see what happened in the last half of the Senior Bowl.

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