Alissa Czisny: For The Win

For the second time in her career she is a national champion. Most people would be excited just to make it one time but not this girl. She came back again and edged out the great Rachael Flatt. Alissa Czisny totally deserved the win though.

Alissa CzisnyAlissa Czisny has been skating since she was but a mere 1 1/2 years old. The America skater born June 25th 1987 remembers going to the skating rink with her mother and sister because they did not want to stay at home with the babysitter. As age came she realized her love for the sport and 2005 was when she really began to get attention. Alissa Czisny may still have some more wins in her.

She admits that she was nervous before the skate Saturday night but who wouldn’t have been? She went on to say that she knew exactly what she had to do and that she fought for every single thing. If more of us lived our lives this way we would see more success. Good job for the win and for being a good role model Alissa Czisny.

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