David Frye: Dies At 77

For those of you who do not know who this man was let me tell you some details. He was the funny man who became famous for betraying Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Nelson Rockefeller and other famous politicians. I don’t know why but it’s just so funny when someone else nails how someone else does or says something. David Frye was a master at this.

David Frye was really able to get his career off the ground whenever Nixon’s presidency began. If you were around at the time you would have seen him on the Ed Sullivan Show as well as the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After Nixson left office things slowed down a lot. David Frye just kept going however.

If you kept up with him then you would know that he recorded a comedy album called David Frye Presents the Great Debate as well as Clinton: An Oral History. It was Cardiopulmonary arrest that took our friend out Monday. He is survived by his sister named Ruth Welch. We will miss David Frye and his impression of Richard Nixon.

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