Houston Marathon 2011

It’s not uncommon these days for people to talk about training for a marathon. In the past it seems like only a few of the elite ever thought about doing such a thing. Now there are even more strenuous things that people will do. Did you run in the Houston Marathon 2011?

The Houston Marathon 2011 was an exciting race. There were some people that really shined however. Jen Rhines and Mo Trafeh were the winners of the half marathon. When it comes to the real winner of the Houston Marathon 2011 those winners were Mamitu Daska and Bekana Daba.

It really takes some heart to complete a marathon. I know I tried to do a smaller run and I almost died because I was out of breath. These guys and gals get a real hats off from me. I hope that everyone had a good time in the Houston Marathon 2011.

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