Emma Roberts: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

What is better than beautiful starlets? Beautiful starlets that have a big heart of course. There was a special edition of Extreme Makeover Home Edition in honor of the Remember Alex Brown Foundation. Emma Roberts along with some other stars lent their star power to create a buzz.

Emma Roberts is the beautiful 19 year old brunette that is quickly making her rise to fame. She has some great acting blood in her line however so she kind of has the upper hand. Julia Roberts is Emma’s aunt. Emma Roberts is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts.

If you have a family tie to get you in I say use it, especially if you are actually talented like Emma is. On the show with her was the teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. He’s got a new movie coming out about his life as well. We were glad to see stars like Emma Roberts and Justin Bieber working together for a good cause.

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