Obama Kill Switch

Imagine one person having the ability to shut down the web. Anytime that they feel there is something “threatening” they could shut it down. This is closer than you might think. This is widely known as the Obama kill switch.

obama kill switchThe Obama kill switch is closer than you may actually think. There is such a big mess over in Egypt that the president there has shut down the internet and that lead the US to revisit their thoughts on having the ability to do this as well. Not only has the Egyptian president shut down the internet though but he’s shut down cell service and television as well. The Obama kill switch would be just the beginning and I wouldn’t be surprised to see our cell and television take a hit as well.

Senator Collins claims that the switch would not be like the one in Egypt however. She said that it would just be there in case of a really bad attack and it would be in place to keep the citizens safe. I think it’s a bologna. I want no part of the Obama kill switch.


  1. Miguel says:

    There is only one reason to have a kill switch for the internet. And that is to keep the American people in the dark about issues and information that could steam an American revolution. It is a form of control. Control over the American people.

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