W Magazine Kim Kardashian Pics: Kim Upset

I was so shocked to see Kim freak out so much about the pics that she did. I mean she did the pictures and I figured she would know that they could do this with them if they really wanted to. This is almost like the cellulite photos of Kim. The W magazine Kim Kardashian pics weren’t much worse than some of the other things that she has done.

w magazine kim kardashian picsWhen it came down to the W magazine Kim Kardashian pics she claimed that they were porn. She said her 2007 Playboy pictures were not even as bad as these photos. She went on to rant and rave that she thought she was going to be covered with art. The W magazine Kim Kradashian pics had her in an uproar but many other people were happy to see them.

She declared that she was never going to take her clothes off again. She said she wouldn’t even do it for Vogue but at the end of the talk she started joking and saying that she may for Vogue. I suppose she really wasn’t that upset. I think that she ended up really liking the W magazine Kim Kardashian pics.


  1. MerSia says:

    I feel bad for her. She’s tired of being naked all the time.. n I don’t blame her… u can’t go through life based on ur looks alone… like u said.. her days are numbered.
    She was def. taken advantage of… considering she didn’t even wana do PLAYBOY, who has FAR better taste when it comes to nudity..
    Now, I know what most ppl are thinking “If she says she doesn’t wana do sexy pics anymore, then she shouldn’t have taken her clothes off…” and I won’t dispute that, Because i do agree, somewhat…
    BUT! W mag. knew exactly how it would turn out..So they took the oppertunity to exploit her.. knowing they would be the only mag. who has actual pictures of her completly nude..
    they promised it would be covered by art and had her put some ‘silver’ paint on her, so she’d feel better..
    They knew DAMN well that silver would make her feel she’s covered because of it’s glossy shine, and that the camara would still pick up her nipples…
    Shame on you, W mag.! I wouldn’t be suprised if more entertainers are cautious about working w/ them from now on… & it would serve them right!

  2. E. Rection says:

    She should have used a Sybian in her photo shoot.

  3. youre all retarded says:

    Don’t want to be naked? Don’t take your clothes off. As far as I’m concerned it’s just a stunt to stir up some publicity

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