DFW Airport: Closed Due To Storm

There are still plenty of people trying to get around even though there were reports of storms. You may have gotten stuck at an airport if you have been trying to get to a location from Dallas Fort worth. There are hundreds of people that are going to be spending a lot of time at the airport. The DFW airport is closed because of the storm.

The DFW airport spokesman David Magana reported that one of the runways reopened after the temporary closure and the crews have been working to clear the ice away from the other runways. I would rather that everyone would be safe rather than sorry so I say take your time at clearing the ice away. There were actually hundreds of incoming flights that were canceled because of the weather. DFW airport is actually the eighth largest airport in the world.

There are delays happening at Houston Bush-Intercontinental airport and Houston Hobby as well. The storms are really causing some problems for travelers but the spokesman said that the crews are working to treat the runways that have been glazed with ice. The airport is not the only place having problems with many people not having electricity. DFW airport is the main hub for American Airlines.

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